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Coconut Secret - Raw Coconut Crystals

Coconut Secret – Raw Coconut Crystals

BuyButtonI love this alternative to sugar!  Who wouldn’t as it is low glycemic, unbleached, unrefined, gluten free and actually has a nutritious value of  17 amino acids, vitamin C, and B vitamins and not to mention this brand keeps it raw by using low temperatures to evaporate it which leaves vital enzymes behind!  Our daughter noticed that we use coconut everything and commented that a coconut is all you need in life, you can drink it, cream it, oil it, shred it, flour it, and sweeten anything with it!

We should clarify that coconut sugar comes from the tree when it is tapped and it produces the nutrient rich sap that comes from the coconut blossoms.  One tablespoon of raw coconut sap crystals only has 7 grams of sugar verses the bleached white sugar (the devil in disguise) that has a whopping 12 grams in one tablespoon!!!  I will take it Thank You very much and yes my daughter is right all you need in life is a coconut!