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Let’s Do… Organic – Organic Coconut Flour

BuyButtonI remember in the day all the Gluten free choices for flour were rice and truthfully we have seen patients become sensitive to rice after consuming so much of it. When we found out our daughter had a gluten sensitivity I was not thrilled that every gluten free product from crackers to pasta was made from rice and most of the time not organic rice.  You know they spray the dickens out of those paddy fields with pesticides so to say the least it was tricky to find dr. approved products.

Coconut flour is not a grain and Let’s Do….Organic brand makes a great product that feeds your body and balances your blood sugar unlike rice which is high on the glycemic scale.  A half of a cup of coconut flour has 12 grams of protein and high in fiber.  I find substituting 1/2 cup of coconut flour works best as more than that makes the recipe dry and you have to add extra liquid ( up to 3/4 cup sometimes).  Usually my recipes call for additional flour on top of the coconut flour like substitutions such as ground flax,  ground hemp, almond meal, gluten free oats, or organic corn flour (it is essential to buy organic corn everything as 90% of the corn is GMO unless it is organic).  Check out my GF Breakfast Muffins that uses coconut flour (click here to see recipe)!