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Wee Bee - Raw Honey

Wee Bee – Raw Honey

BuyButtonI just think honey is amazing and when I eat it I feel so connected to our history.  I have read it was used by humans 8,000 years ago and in caves in Valencia, Spain there are paintings of honey hunters collecting honey.  Archaeologists (this was what I wanted to be when I was a kid) have found honey remains on the inner surface of clay vessels unearthed in ancient tombs dating back to 4,700-5,500 years ago.  So Cool!  The only thing I dig up these days are the darn weeds that are strangling my vegetables in my garden!

Raw Honey is one of the oldest known medicines and is continued to be used today.  Clinical studies have proven what Aristotle, Hippocrates and even the Bible says about the healing claims of honey.  Manuka honey particularly is an effective natural antibiotic and antiseptic solution for digestive problems, skin infections, wound healing, ulcers and more.  I should mention Manuka honey has a very medicinal flavor compared to your basic raw honey.  Raw honey still has some of these amazing prosperities.

In fact raw honey is what we used on our daughter’s scrapes and cuts even as a tot.  It was so cute she would ask to lick the spoon (ful of heatlh) after we would apply it to her boo boo each time and sometimes the boo boo didn’t warrant the need of honey but a little lick made it all better.  Keep in mind some authorities suggest not giving infants under 1 years old honey because sometimes honey can have clostridium bacteria that can cause infant botulism.  This bacteria can be found in soil, dust and in certain other foods too.  Fear not, as kids get older, their bodies are better able to handle these types of bacteria.

Honey although it has amazing health properties it should be used sparingly as it still affects blood sugar levels (unlike stevia).  I use a few tablespoons in my Gluten Free Healthified Granola (click here for recipe) and it gives just the right amount of sweetness.  It is best not to heat honey to much as it will kill all its enzymes and beneficial properties.  So it would not be my pick for baking.  I have sautéed purple cabbage and added a tablespoon of honey when the heat is turned off and it is so so good and good for you!  Adding it to homemade dressings and dips adds a hint of sweetness too.  Check out my Veggi Dip and Salad Dressing (click here for recipe) for some of that sweetness.

Make the honey in your life a banana almond butter honey snack and see if you get some extra sweetness back in return!