• cucumbers
  • basil
  • lime
  • celery
  • lemon
  • ginger root
  • rosemary
  • beet
  • mint
  • pomegranate
  • orange
  • star fruit
  • kiwi
  • parsley



Not so long ago a friend showed me a flavored bottle water that she was happy to report her son really liked.  We can agree, drinking water can be BOR-ING sometimes and with all the pretty, colored, fizzy, and sugary drinks to choose from, we should be thrilled our kids would even consider it.  However, there are ingredients that are lurking behind a very clever name…..

I’ve tried those flavored bottled waters due to my thirst for something different.  In the back of my mind, though, that ingredient  “natural flavors” would haunt me because those innocent words could mean a whole host of things.  You may agree that natural flavors sounds palatable and good for you, however it’s quiet ambiguous in nature.


My family loved the cucumber and basil best! All the flavors were so refreshing we couldn’t stop drinking them. I think we were all well hydrated the day I made them.

It wasn’t until one of my hero’s, the Food Babe, investigated what natural flavors could mean and introduced us to the term “Beaver Butt”!  I know,  your thinking what does that cute creature have to do with my water (or rather its butt)?  I’ll get to that in just a minute.   Needless to say, “beaver butt” got a lot of press recently.  I have to ask, who would ever have guessed beaver butt could be on the list of natural flavors!   Can you even imagine how that came about?


At the Natural Medicine Clinic our patients loved the ginger and kiwi infusion. Ginger is so medicinal in nature with its immune boosting properties and anti-inflammatory affects.

I should say, I have called several companies to inquire about their “natural flavors” and not all natural flavors should be treated equal.  When my daughter wanted the Cliff Bar’s fruit twizzle treat,  and I called the company, they disclosed that their natural flavor was a blend of fruits.

The natural flavors in the infused water recipes below are from real, whole foods and are not processed like the natural flavors you see in prepackaged food and beverages. Have fun creating your own infusions that will awaken your senses and  nourish your body. This is the real “vitamin water” friends and for a fraction of the cost.  So simple, it’s silly to consider paying for flavored water now.

Natural Infused Water Recipes:

Filtered water
Handful of  fresh basil
5 slices or more of cucumber

Filtered water
1 lime
few sprigs rosemary

Filtered water
raw ginger root size thumb
1 kiwi

Filtered water
2 celery ribs(sticks)
half pomegranate*

Filtered water
handful of fresh parsley
few strawberries*
1 blood orange*
juice of a boiled beet*

*omit for the FreeDiet™- phase 1


1. Wash all fruits, herbs and vegetables.  If you are using organic leaving the skin on is fine.
2. Muddle the herbs to release the natural flavors gently.
3. Slice fruits and vegetables.  Squeeze juice of lime, lemon, and orange into water.


You can refill the infusions several times before discarding fruits, vegetables and herbs.  They will last in the refrigerator for a few days. Please, as always, buy organic especially when it comes to the dirty dozen (the top 12 loaded fruits/vegetables with pesticides).  I love slicing celery sticks and letting them soak in my glass water bottle to go!

With a Glass Full of Health and REAL Natural Flavors,


P.S. For a brief article the good Doc wrote about drinking water check out http://nmcwellness.com/drink-more-water-for-better-health/