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Don’t you just love summer!  We eat more ice cream, live in our bathing suits and, in Florida, we can get right in at a restaurant and drive effortlessly thru town.  The beaches are wide open, and the water is crystal clear and calm.  Not to mention, the crazy school year activities have dwindled, and we get to look forward to those summer vacation plans.

Our summer vacation this year was to visit Maine!   I had no idea how much this New England state had to offer.   From all the old towns’ rich history to Acadia National Park , you must put it on your list to visit!  We would hardly make it a mile anywhere before there was another look out of breathtaking beauty.  The rocky coastlines along the sea into enchanted forests were our favorite hikes!  I bet we hiked 30 miles.  In fact we had to buy Adriana a new pair of sneakers as hers were worn out.

Fire Tower at Beach Mountain

Fire Tower at Beach Mountain


Wild Blueberry Bushes

Wild Blueberry Bushes


Ship Harbor Trail - Acadia National Park

Ship Harbor Trail – Acadia National Park



Rocky Coast Bass Harbor Lighthouse


Tree split by lightning

Tree split by lightning

If you make it out there, please put Diver Ed on your list of things to do.  It is an experience the whole family will never forget!  Diver Ed is quite a character and so engaging with everyone.  He and Captain Evil, his lovely and knowledgeable wife, will have you laughing so hard your cheeks will hurt.  Also, the technology he uses to go underwater is top notch so you can experience marine life as if you are swimming with him.

Silly Diver Ed

Silly Diver Ed


Attack of the Starfish

Attack of the Starfish


Interactive Marine Biology

Interactive Marine Biology

Watching and hearing Diver Ed on the big screen was so amazing you could hardly wait for him to get back to the boat so you could touch and see all the marine creatures.  Many have told of seeing whales and seals, however we were not so lucky but did not feel the least bit disappointed.  Everyone in Bar Harbor knows Diver Ed, he really is a celebrity!

We rented a house in Southwest Harbor that had an amazing kitchen.  It was stocked with everything one would need, right down to those cute mini forks for pulling the lobster meat out.  Oh and those lobsters…. if the scenic hikes were not enough, the lobster eating had me planning when and where I would get my next fix!   I  had no idea how tender and juicy those red beauties were!  I feel like someone has been keeping this secret from me my whole, long life.

Fear not, I had my share of happy lobster feasting 6 out of 7 days! Yes, my motto of moderation was out the door. I would have had it 7 days, but wanted to put that fabulous kitchen to use at least for one dinner.  I was almost brave enough to taste the lobster ice cream, but I just couldn’t go there.

Our last dinner was at a charming restaurant called Fiddlers’ Green in Southwest Harbor on Main Street.  We loved that the kids’ menu actually had healthy choices, and for desert there were gluten free options too.  It was one of the few times Adriana actually ordered off the kids’ menu.  We really appreciated that the chef and his wife, who own the restaurant, provided such healthy choices for the whole family.

Adriana was so happy to be able to enjoy kids’ food that was gourmet.  I, of course, savored every bite of that tender, buttery, lobster dinner with tears in my eyes knowing my love affair with those red beauties was all coming to an end.


Adriana enjoying her big Gluten Free Bun


A balanced kids menu!


I love Maine lobster!


Chocolate Pot Du Creme!

Gluten Free Chocolate Pot Du Creme!

Florida lobster is tasty, but not addicting like its cousins in Maine!  I think I actually had withdrawals from eating lobster when I got home sweet home.  I was sorta sad the first few days, so I had to fix that and find some lobster!  I went over to Carmine’s Gourmet Market and I thought I was in a dream because this is what I saw…………………..


I was so excited and could hardly believe my eyes.  I said to the Seafood Manager, Steve, “is that for real or is that a decorative sign?”  It was real, and I think I started drooling right then and there.  Apparently, Carmine’s Market has these specials all summer! I can hear my sweet 97 year old Jewish Grandmother saying,  “such a deal I have for you!”  For this sweet deal, go and ask for Steve.   He went above and beyond the call of service helping me and others with all my seafood needs.  Hey Carmine, give this guy a raise!

As I carried my precious lobsters home I couldn’t help but think of all the vitamins, minerals and essential fats eating those beauties would give me.  I would love to share this healthy love affair with you in my Coconut Lemongrass Seafood Casserole.  I know, don’t you hate “to be continued.” I promise that this recipe will be worth coming back for!


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    What great pictures and colorful description of my favorite place to spend summer!

    • Dawn Rofrano August 8, 2013 at 11:34 am - Reply

      Thanks Jill! I can see why you continue to go back every year! Maine is a treasure with all it has to offer.

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