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Hmmm a little bit “about” me…..I never thought blogging would be for me!  I mean, seriously, who would be interested in my healthified foodie adventures {other than the dog that benefited from the mess I would make when creating}? Except I started to realize after years of working in our Natural Medicine Clinic, our patients needed tailored recipes for their specific health goals, and friends were asking for recipes that I had in my little spaghetti head {gluten free of course}.  However, telling them I used a little of this and a little of that was not very helpful.  So, I put pen to paper and gazillions of recipes {not really yet anyway} were born, and thank God out of my head!

I have come a long way since I once tried to healthify a carrot cake by using olive oil and my boyfriend at the time broke up with me, breaking my heart {ick, remembering the taste myself}. Don’t feel sorry for me though, as I am right where I am supposed to be- married for 17 years to my husband, Tom, and blessed with our 8 year old daughter, Adriana! Let me tell you I have had my share of recipes gone wild over the years, and recipes that I cursed because I couldn’t find the ingredients in any store or it took 6 hours to make!   I never could live up to that Martha {that 6 hour recipe was hers by the way}. These days I am into simple, pretty, and healthy!

Being married to a Chiropractic Physician can be a lifestyle of healthy living from what we eat, think, and do to our bodies and the earth.  I have been blessed with 20 years of learning alongside one of the most diligent and passionate individuals I know about health… my husband the Good Doctor {as many endearingly call him}.  It is because of him that all of my recipes are, let us just say, “Dr. Approved” as he has even tasted the ones I wouldn’t dare feed the dog.  By the way the dog eats gluten free too and loves crunchy romaine lettuce {never, ever wilted}.  I should mention our daughter Adriana gives my recipes the “kid approved” seal as well.  Trust me on this one; she has no problem telling me that she doesn’t like it, which sometimes as her MOTHER, really pushes my buttons!  Mostly she does give me advice like “it needs a little of this or that, mom”.  Her favorite show these days {kid you not} is “Restaurant Impossible” so she is very keen on the taste and the presentation!  I guess the organic apple didn’t fall very far from the tree on that one. 

My travels have taken me as far as China to study {where Chinese food is so different and amazing}, and I have attended many conferences and seminars on nutrition and overall health.   Most importantly, I am a mom who just wanted to feed my child real foods that are nutritious but that didn’t leave her taste buds deprived of the joys of being a kid.  Whew, it was a bit tricky at times {especially at Grandma’s} and exhausting {after the 3rd kiddie party of the weekend}, but our efforts have paid off for an 8 year old who loves simple, whole foods and when given the chance to eat a gooey, colorful birthday cupcake she takes one lick……. and moves on. 

Working alongside my husband as a health coach at our Natural Medicine Clinic I am often taking patients on educational grocery tours introducing them to alternative ingredients for their needs {weight loss, autoimmune disorders, food allergies, etc}. My passion also ignites when I get to teach a wellness and cooking class with Tom or one on one sharing healthified recipes that give life and joy to bellies and taste buds!

My hope is to inspire and help you make the best choices that fit you and yours by adding a “Spoonful of Health to every meal!  I am grateful that I get to use this outlet to share what has helped us and our patients. I hope that you too will be one of the many success stories as you reach your health goals! 

Peace and Passion Be Yours Always,

Dawn Wicks Rofrano

“A heart at peace gives life to the body” Proverbs 14:30