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Navitas Naturals - Chia Seeds

Navitas Naturals – Chia Seeds

BuyButtonI feel like Superwoman (with a capital S) when I add 2 scoops of chia seeds to my smoothie (she was my hero growing up wearing that getup and looking so real)!  No wonder they call it Superfood!  Wonder what ever happened to Superwoman?  Anyway, you must buy a bag of chia seeds to keep in your pantry so you can add a “spoonful of health” any time you might need an extra SHAZAM!  It has great antioxidants (in fact more than flaxseed), omega fatty acids, and calcium.  It is an easy digestible form of protein and has soluble fiber, not bad for a seed as tiny as it is……reminds me of a funny story…..

So years ago as an LMT (massage therapist) my next client was waiting in the lobby of our clinic and as I took one look at his arms which were bigger than my body (if you know me I am shrimpy not lobstery) and he was SOOO ripped you could see each muscle striation.  I started to sweat bullets.  I would need a hammer, and drill to get thru that.  Let me tell you his legs matched his arms…….he was like 4 bodies in one!  He was a professional body builder and won Mr. Olympia-no wonder!

I took a deep breath walked out and introduced myself, as I shook his hand I prayed I would get it back intact.  I felt like a little kid saying, “Hi, my name is Dawn and I am going to be your therapist today”.  He kinda half smirked, and said, “Oh really?”.  I took serious offense to his tone, and well I was going to show him not to judge a book by it’s cover even if it killed me!!!  Let me just tell you I had my knee in his hamstring and I was dripping sweat when I was done.  He told me it was the best massage he ever had.  So my point is don’t judge this tiny seed because it is a powerhouse!  SHAZAM!!!