Favorite Cookie Roundup {paleo, no refined sugar, gluten & dairy free}

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Do you have a recurring dream?  I do and it’s no surprise that it is about food… more specifically eating cookies for breakfast! I also have the popular dream that I can fly if I flap my arms hard enough.  I wonder if I dream diligently enough I could fly and eat cookies at the same time!

I am certainly not a cookie rookie {wink} over here and I have been to many of those popular cookie exchange parties over the years.  I am happy to say, even though the exchanges are normally  full of refined sugars and ingredients void of anything good, I stick to my guns…. I mean cookies and clean-eating rule of thumb when baking my 4 dozen.

I usually leave the party empty handed because the temptation is too great on my part to not let the inner cookie monster loose! So have no fear if you’re like me and love cookies or sweets. I have some alternatives that will make you feel like your cheating on your diet and not wreaking your health!

How does Buttery Pecan Drops or Chocolate Chipper Cookies sound? Oh what about Oreo Truffles {these are naughty but the cleanest of its kind} and my favorite”dream come true” , Cinnamon Banana Breakfast Cookies?! Stop drooling and click below for some of your favorite recipes to date from the archives!

















With a Spoonful of Health {and a handful of cookies},




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