We have had a lot of things baking in the oven lately, all edible things I should clarify {wink}! Our living healthy mission is a family affair and it was a natural progression that our daughter would be an important part.  Adriana, has shown great leadership and interest to share in our passion as she encourages kids of all ages to make good choices!

After all, she is the Queen of Sunday morning “pancake making & video taking”!  I loved watching my mini me in the kitchen when she was a tot with her daddy making a mess and having fun making those gluten free healthy flap jacks! Apparently, so do many of you, because anytime we had a family event those fun videos on her blog would come out and the whole room would roar with laughter!

If you have been following my posts you may remember this year we have been homeschooling, per the pancake queen’s request!  It has been a wonderful journey thus far and a blessing that I get to spend more time with my one and only little {who is 10}!


Here is Adriana shopping at her favorite Whole Foods Market for her latest recipe! She shares some of her favorite snacks: Justin’s Hazelnut & Chocolate packets and Natures Path Granola Bars! The roasted turkey meat she loved because it was nitrate free!

Finding the 25th hour in the day to get it all done was quite the challenge! However, homeschooling has given us time to be creative in writing and developing Adriana’s very own blog with her. “What’s Cooking With Adriana!  She worked on the clip art and posts with her daddy over a year ago but we finally are ready to let everyone in on the fun and her newest video!

Adriana’s format is different than Spoonful of Health. She shares videos on how to get the kids in the kitchen, teaches tid-bits about overall health on a kid friendly level, what healthy foods to try that are tasty, and simple recipes that kids can make!

We couldn’t be more enthusiastic for Adriana, to step into her own passions to share healthy eating for kids!  The greatest honor is The Whole Foods Market asked her to share her adventures in the kitchen through their Growing Healthy Kids Campaign!

So if you would like to see what she is up to and get your family making healthy choices, Click here to see her latest Terrific Taco video!  And there are plenty of other fun videos for the whole family!  Join us with Whole Foods Kids Foundation to raise our kids on wholesome real foods!

With a Spoonful of Health,