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You may not believe it but Tom and I love this particular reality show that has been on television for almost 15 years!  There’s something about Survivor on CBS that has kept us begging for more every year. I often thought it would be an empowering experience to go on the show, and I could have a totally gluten free experience on a stranded island with strangers!

We were and still are such die hard fans of Survivor that during one of the third season shows our power went out in our apartment (which in Florida never happens said no one).  We went to drastic measures to find out who was getting voted out.  We didn’t have the luxury back then to watch it online or even on our iPhones so we had to act fast!  How did we survive without those iPhones and home computers?!

We did the only thing we knew to do…. I called up my parents and begged them to put the old rotary dial phone next to their TV speaker so we could at least hear what was happening!  You get my drift that we LOVE this show and it is no wonder our daughter is a fan too.


You can imagine my delight when she asked for a Survivor themed birthday party! Let me preface this to you now….I had no idea what I was getting myself into!  It is nearly impossible to buy anything that’s authentic Survivor in numbers that is a reasonable price except paper plates and napkins {oh and those napkins came in handy you will see}!

I googled until I was weak in the fingers and my eyes were crossed by the time I made it over to Pinterest for help. I have a whole board for my Survivor themed party that you can check out at spoonful of health on Pinterest. I couldn’t let my daughter down, she was turning 10 after all!  So we improvised, which is what I wanted to share with you and all the links are at the bottom in a P.S.

I had every intention of making all the food like I normally do for parties but this theme almost did me in with so many details to figure out.  So I did the work for you should you ever decide to have a Survivor party. You would be proud of me {my husband was} I didn’t stay up until all hours of the night baking and cooking. I ordered my gluten free cupcakes from the amazing DD’s Cupcakes in Jupiter and pizza from California Pizza Kitchen {yes they have GF} and served it on paper plates!  I did however, stay up late making maps, scripts for our Host Jeff Probst {aka Tom},writing riddles and planning my food challenge for 15 young girls.


The pictures below shows the tribes working together with the money they received for the food challenge!  They actually were excited to win worms and crickets!  I was hoping for the usual girly screeches but instead I got, “Really, that is so cool” and “Can I keep the crickets?”  Once they figured out they could pool their money together they were bidding everything they had!  Next party theme; How to budget your money {wink wink}!  Oh, and that chocolate fountain gadget is a must have for any party!  I caught one cutie holding her cup up to the fountain to fill it with chocolate! I highly suggest the slacker line for your backyard too!  It brings adventure and fun to something so simple that helps build balance and core strength.  It has been well used by all of us I should mention!


I would like to Thank my dear friend Stephanie for taking the pictures at the party, while I ran around trying to survive the party details! All in all it was a great success and fun was had by each; even the Host Jeff Probst {aka Tom} seemed to play the part for the girls with exuberance! Thank you for being a good sport Tom!


Survivor Kid's Party
  • Here are my Tips & Timeline:
  • 12:30 arrive and eat lunch
  • 1:00 decorate flags and come up with tribe names
  • 1:15 Jeff Probst {aka husband} explains 1st game at tribal counsel. Each team has same puzzle
  • 1:30 Slacker line challenge for each tribe {described below}.
  • 2:00 Scramble puzzle of letters spelling out "Happy Birthday Ana".
  • 2:15 Everyone brought a secret luxury or survival item in a bag and had to guess who brought what. They got 1 point for each guessed right and could add that to their tribes total points in the end. Also, the person with the most right got. extra $25 for their tribe to bid on the food challenge.
  • 2:30 Food challenge everyone gets $25 and each tribe can pool money.
  • One of the covered items comes with an advantage clue for Scavenger Hunt.
  • 2:45 Host explains Scavenger Hunt & Riddle Challenge.
  • First team back to tribal counsel with completed tasks wins 10 points.
  • 3:00 Announce winning tribe and distribute prizes. Eat cupcakes!
  1. We had 15 girls so we did 3 tribes of 5.
  2. Dollar store had pillow cases for tribe flags.
  3. Purchase bamboo sticks at Lowes or Home Depot to hold flags.
  4. I glued on the survivor themed napkin logo on the flags before party.
  5. Birthday has Survivor plates, napkins and bamboo printed straws.
  6. Amazon has the {non survivor} buffs that I colored coordinated with pillow case flag.
  7. Amazon also has great prices for bamboo tiki torches.
  8. For each game/challenge the tribes could earn 10 points. Puzzle, slacker line, word scramble, and first tribe back to tribal council with all scavenger hunt items.
  9. For a tribe game I found puzzles and other paraphernalia I needed at the Dollar store.
  10. I used the Slackers Line {like a tight rope used low to the ground, link is below} for one of the tribe challenges. They had to walk across the rope with a mouth full of water. The team to fill their cup in the fastest time won. It took over 3 minutes to fill 6 oz cup.
  11. The Dollar store had play money and containers to cover items for the food challenge.
  12. Some of the food items were a coconut with its water, chocolate covered strawberries and Justin's peanut butter cups. Some of the icky items were worms, crickets, cheesy kale (that I called moldy leaves) and squirrel tail that was fruit rollups.
  13. A Bait & tackle store had crickets and worms that we put in jars for the food challenge. Of course no one ate the live creatures, it was just for fun! They had a blast bidding!
  14. The crickets had an advantage clue for the Scavenger hunt.
  15. I found blank treasure maps on and drew out my own coordinates for the tribe's scavenger hunt. I also burned the edges of the maps and riddles to give it that worn look.
  16. I had 5 locations on the map they had to work as a tribe and accomplish a goal and bring something back to tribal counsel.
  17. For example, one of the riddles on the map: "Birds of a feather flock together and I am the tallest timber you will see come hither. Follow the way cars come and go and always look never know". Attached to that tall tree was a whoopee cushion they had to knock down with a stick and had to blow it up and sit on it.

With a Spoonful of Fun,





P.S. Here are all the links for the varies sites that were helpful:

This is the site for the Slackersline kit. It is super fun and useful to strengthen your core $79.00 worth every penny!

For the mini bling flashlights for party favors I splurged on these $4.99 each

For the winning tribe’s prize crystal pens with sylus on Amazon under &11.99 for 6

For the Survivor plates, cups and napkins  $15 for 2 pack for 16 people

For the Buffs from Bundle Monster on Amazon I ordered set 4 that has more girl styles $12.75 for 6

This site has printable treasure maps that are blank and you can draw the coordinates  free!






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  1. Stephanie Lovell February 20, 2015 at 10:44 am - Reply

    Wow! What fun! Loved being there to celebrate with our precious ANA! 10- hard to believe! You embrace every opportunity to celebrate God’s blessings.

    • Dawn Rofrano February 20, 2015 at 4:11 pm - Reply

      Thank you friend! I have inspiring woman like you around to hold me accountable! Thanks again for all your help!

  2. Michelle C. November 4, 2019 at 11:04 am - Reply

    Hi I know that this party happened sometime ago, but do you have a list of the games you played with the girls that you are willing to share. Thanks!

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