The first annual Fresh Fest in West Palm Beach was a big success!  It was a gorgeous, sunny and breezy day which was a perfect setting for such a feast/fest for the body, soul, and mind!  I was salivating the minute I walked up to the tents as the “real foods” beckoned my taste buds.  I also wanted to run free across the perfectly manicured lawn like all the other little kids, but I composed my 40 something self and decided on the position behind the camera for a bit.  I hope you enjoy what I gleefully captured!


At one point, I did plop myself down to observe the amazing bodies doing yoga poses.  They looked like contortion artists,  and boot camp groups were hitting it hard as well!  Dr. Brian Clement, from Hippocrates Center for Living, spoke and shared very enlightening health information.  His farewell at the end of his talk rings in my mind still.  He said, “Live Healthy and Live the Truth!”  If you got stuck in a yoga pose (like I would have) that day and missed out on the “fresh feast” of yummies, below I share some of our favorite nibbles.  The scrumptious flavors and real foods turned any skeptical person to believe eating healthy can be deliciously addicting!


We munched and sampled at all the tents.  Christopher’s Kitchen (one of the few places we say to my daughter, “you can eat anything off the menu you want”), Sweet Ivey’s, Clean Cuisine, Chunkie Dunkies, and Palm Beach Sproutz to name a few.  After all that nibbling, my daughter and I had lunch at the Veggie Love truck, and let me just say you can feel the love standing in front of that colorful vehicle! We also enjoyed desert at Pac Pastries.  Everything was gluten free and organic!  Our taste buds were exuberant, especially when we shared the chocolate oreo cheesecake and cashew butter cup! To complete the day’s experiences, my olfactory senses were treated in the aromas of safe & natural body products as we spritzed and rubbed the most amazing natural lotions and potions all over from AG Clean Therapy!


I hope this post will give you something to look forward to because this Health, Fitness & Holistic Living Festival will be an annual staple for our beautiful town!

With a Spoonful of Fresh Fest 2014,





P.S.  For some of our favorite booths, check them out at:
{raw vegi foods} {vegan & gluten free sweets} {amazing yoga wear} {green body and cleaning products} {organic & fresh food} {raw & gluten, dairy free cookies} {organic & fresh food}