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I wanted to share with you some of our kitchen health tips that we follow.

1.  Use stainless steel, glass or ceramic pots and pans verses the aluminum and  non-stick cookware.

2.  Store foods in glass if possible especially foods that are acidic or high in fat. If using plastic, BPA free may be a better choice.

3.  I like to sauté vegetables on low for longer amount of time to not cause oxidation in the oils I am using. “Refined” coconut oil is safer to use with high temperature frying, stir frying, or even cooking an egg in the pan.

5.  Avoid using a microwave for cooking anything other than sanitizing your sponges.  I use a covered frying pan on low heat  with a “little” water to heat up food.

6. Avoid GMO’s whenever possible.  This is one serious 3 letter word {acronym}!

7. Buy the dirty dozen list organic whenever possible. Click here for the list

8. Using a crock pot is really a healthy way to cook meat and poultry,  as well as vegetables.  Slow cooking depletes less vitamins from many vegetables compared to boiling or even simmering.

9.  We purchase foods that have a short ingredient list and that my daughter can actually pronounce. This rule helps us avoid toxic preservatives and chemicals.

10.  Buy wild caught {verses farm raised} fish and grass fed beef when possible.  I like to keep the “farm raised” foods to Old McDonald’s standards of grass eating and pasture running animals!

After reading our top 10 things to keep your family healthy in the kitchen,  we thought you might need a good laugh after such serious business!  The video below is a behind the scenes in our kitchen of many outtakes of the Flax Seed Video!  It was one of those days my tongue got tied, the flax was MIA, a bug bit me, I thought I saw a rat, and well you will just have to see for yourself what goes into a video.

I highly recommend you making  family fun videos as well.   We have many of Adriana when she was little and they are priceless.  In fact our cutie has quite a presence in front of the camera!  Stay tuned for What’s Cooking With Adriana!!!!

[vimeo id=”94987567″ width=”620″ height=”360″]

With a Spoonful of Fun,


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  1. danneunscripted May 13, 2014 at 9:21 pm - Reply

    You are seriously to cute!

    • Dawn Rofrano May 13, 2014 at 10:28 pm - Reply

      Thank you but I promise I wasn’t so cute after 20 takes! I spared you all from my ungracious self.

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