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  • 3 raspberry tea bags1 frozen pack acia fruit4 cups filtered water2 Tbsp. or 2 pkts. gelatin powder1 1/2 cups fruit- cherries or blueberries1/4 tsp. stevia2 scoops of FreeDiet™ Collagen

Introducing a new kind of Jello shot! I may or may not have had a few of those in the day (wink)! This recipe was born out of my need for a sweet treat months ago when I was on Phase 1 of the FreeDiet®  and desperately desired something I could claim as dessert!

Not an easy feat when it has to be approved by you know who (the good dr.).  Happy to report it is  FreeDiet phase 1 compliant and made it in the best- selling FreeDiet® book that Doc completed back in December 2019.

I love how easily this recipe can pack in the superfoods like acai and berries!  Although, I was appalled at the amount of sugar the store-bought acai fruit bowls contain!  I am not talking about the loads of fresh fruit they use on top or the drizzle of honey (which is already too much sugar in one sitting) but some brands that come in big containers actually add refined cane sugar to the acai!

I also was so excited to find frozen sugar-free acai packets at Trader Joe’s and Wholefoods! When I say sugar-free I mean zilch, zero natural sugar in this fruit, and 2 grams of protein!  Adding these frozen packets of yum to a smoothie and other recipes is a great bonus to your health with all the antioxidants!

We have even made our own acai fruit bowls at home and it is fun to create a personalized bowl as it gives the kids something easy to do in the kitchen!  We always have frozen acai on hand and love seeing how each bowl is decorated; some of our favorite toppings are shredded coconut, cacao nibs, hemp seeds, and nuts!

Not to mention it costs much less to make your own! It adds up if you take multiple kids and with dismay, they end up throwing half of it away. I cringe at the thought to dump it but the melted purple liquid doesn’t match my car interior too well either.

If you can’t find the frozen acai packs you can still make this recipe but you know me always trying to add more nutritional value where I can without sacrificing taste! This is why I also have added the blockbuster ingredient collagen!

You can have a dessert that actually has beneficial properties that are helpful for our skin, joints, bones, and gut health just by adding some of our FreeDiet Collagen to this recipe!  A little side note, my hair stopped falling out (after 8 months of thinning) and my nails at the age of 50 finally can be left naked without polish and won’t peel off anymore! So yes, I add a scoop to my morning tea every day!

I hope you enjoy this twist on a traditional favorite Jello snack! I wanted to mention that we are so humbled by all the emails and calls of people from all over the world just how much the book has helped transform their health!

That was our hope for those who are not able to come in and be a patient as they can be guided back to health with the knowledge that Doc has used with thousands of patients with success!


Acai Gelatin Bites
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
Serves: 6-8
  • 3 raspberry tea bags
  • 1 frozen pack acai fruit
  • 4 cups filtered water
  • 2 Tbsp. or 2 pkts. gelatin powder
  • 1½ cups fruit- cherries or blueberries
  • ¼ tsp. stevia
  • optional:
  • 2 scoops FreeDiet™ Collagen
  1. Thaw out the acai pack of fruit under cold water.
  2. Boil 2½ cups of water and brew tea.
  3. Put the other 1½ cups room temperature water in a bowl.
  4. Mix the thawed acai in room temperature water and add collagen here if using.
  5. Sprinkle gelatin over room temp. water and let it sit to bloom for a few minutes
  6. Sweeten the brewed tea with stevia and pour it over the bloomed gelatin.
  7. Stir for a minute to allow the gelatin to activate with the hot tea.
  8. Add chopped fruit, stir and pour servings into jars for easy on the go.
  9. Refrigerate a few hours until firm.
For FreeDiet phase 1 approved fruit use cherries or blueberries. I have used frozen berries and slightly thawed them without any repercussions with gelatin firming. Please chop the cherries. I have purchased my acai frozen packs at Trader Joe's or Wholefoods please take notice that there is has no added sugar. You may notice the acai fruit settles to the bottom but does not compromise taste or texture. If you can't find the acai you can omit it in this recipe and it will still taste great! I also love whipping up some coconut cream with a dash of stevia or monk fruit and putting a big dollop on top! Please use organic ingredients when you can.

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