Top 8 “Souper” Soups {paleo, vegan, dairy free}

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Who loves a creamy, warm, flavorful and filling bowl of soup? ME, me, me, me, meeee!! YOU, you, you, you? YES, yes!  I am just guessing if you came this far and visited my blog and started reading this post you are a soul that loves your soup!

I have some AMAZING soup recipes all in one post for you!  These are some of the most visited soups on Spoonful of Health and if I had to pick one to make for dinner right now I would pick my… Creamy Tomato……..No my Corn Chowder……..wait my Souper Thai Cauliflower….Hmmm maybe my Pumpkin Chicken Chili…….{sigh} Actually I am in the mood for my Raw Taco soup…….nope I need to use that butternut squash up so Creamy Butternut Soup it is!

Looks like I have a few weeks of dinner planned to say the least!!  The most wonderful thing is my scrumptious soups are packed with nutrition and I have created them to be a complete meal. In many of the vegan recipes I use hempseeds to make it creamy for a plant based option.  All of them are dairy free and I even have some raw soups where you don’t have to dirty a pan!

In this busy time of year, it is really important that we don’t throw our health out the door, eating and drinking ourselves into sickness. Make my World’s Most Healing Soup and freeze it because you never know when you might need it.  I love freezing 1 serving jars of my Tomato Soup and Pumpkin Chicken Chili for those days or nights I know will tempt me to eat poorly.

If your already feeling tired and rundown this article my husband {the good Doc} wrote is very helpful to keep your immunity strong during this busy time of year.  I for one have been in bed much too late these days; I think tonight I will follow my doggie and husband’s lead by 10!!

1 Pumpkin-Chicken-Chili-1


2 TomatoSoup1


3 HealthySoup1


4 Corn-Chowder-3


5 Souper31


6 gazpachosoup1


7 Butternut-Soup-1


8 Taco Soup

Taco Soup



With a Spoonful of Souper Soup,


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